Shelby ReRun Europe 2017
June 9th - June 20th, 2017


Team Shelby VIP Experience


 24 Hours of Le Mans

June 17th - June 18th, 2017

This trip is an AMAZING one of a kind opportunity to tour Europe in your own car.* We'll drive six of the top ten driving roads on the continent! But wait! That is not all! Order now and get castles, a glacier, and lunch at the Eiffel tower at no extra charge. If those do not peak your interest how about a weekend at Le Mans? This will be the memory to share with your grandchildren when you gift them the Mustang that took you through Europe back in the day. You will tell them all about how the Ford GTs smoked all of the other racers, how you walked in the footsteps of heroes on Omaha Beach and ate lunch in Paris at the iconic Eiffel Tower. Of course, you will also tell them how it felt to drive your Shelby along European roads and landscapes; that the experience created such a bond between you and your car that you couldn't bear to part with it and that you still have wonderful memories and a few life long friends that you made along the way. Just being at and experiencing the adrenaline, excitement and passion of The 24 Hours of Le Mans is going to be one of the best days of your life. Could this trip get any better?

Of course, it can!  We worked with Team Shelby to offer the fantastic one of a kind


"Team Shelby VIP" Le Mans Experience

This package gives you access to the SMC Events/Team Shelby/Ford Performance Pit Suite from 8:00 AM Saturday until 4:00 PM Sunday. It includes the best public parking available, food, snacks, soft drinks, beer & wine, a special garage tour, support paddock access, exclusive Ford Performance gift pack, access to Ford's trackside hospitality area on the Mulsanne straight, plus all the awesomeness you have come to expect from Team Shelby.

Imagine it: you watching the race with other Ford fans in a Ford Pit Suite cheering on Billy Johnson, Joey Hand, Stefan Mucke and the rest of the GT drivers as they bring victory to Ford again. 

Yes! you can register for the VIP experience even if you are not joining us for the rest of the trip. We also have a limited number of hotel rooms for Friday and Saturday night so you can come just for the weekend.  Oh and we also have the option to purchase a helicopter tour of the track.  Follow the registration link for more information and to register. 

If you are still not convinced that this is a "too good to miss" opportunity check out the slide show below from our 2012 Europe trip. 

A few pictures from our last European tour

​​​​ Travel Itinerary

Antwerp Belgium
Leuven, Belgium
Stuttgart & Boblingen Germany

Schangau, Austria
Bozen, Italy
Blitzengen, Switzerland

Angers & BayeuxFrance

Antwerp Belgium

SMC Events



Neuschwanstein Castle

Grotto Glaicier


24 hours of Lemans
Stella Artois Brewery
Lommel Proving Grounds
 Neuschwanstein ​Castle
Omaha Beach

Gen. Patton's Grave

The Autobahn
Incredible History

Spectacular Scenery
Awesome Driving
Beautiful Hotels
Delicious Meals
Fantastic Friends

* your vehicle must be free of liens and registered in your name to be shipped overseas

​​Le Mans Raceway 

This is the opportunity of a lifetime; to drive 2500 miles through nine countries in 12 spectacular days. Come and experience Europe in the summer, drive along Alpine roads, hear cowbells, tour ancient castles and spend two days at THE 24 Hours of Lemans and do it all in your very own car* and in a Ford Performance Suite!